Jeff Lukich

-USA Triathlon unnamed(USAT) Level 1 Coach
-USA Cycling (USAC) Level 2 Coach
-USA Track & Field (USATF) Coach
-Training Peaks Certified Coach

Coaching Mission:  To provide triathletes and other endurance athletes, from beginners to more advanced, with an exceptional, service-oriented coaching experience, focused on communication and feedback. Jeff’s coaching philosophy centers around thoughtful goal-setting, acting on available performance information and feedback, and creating shared accountability between the athlete and the coach. This will allow athletes to have healthy and positive training and racing experiences, maintain passion for their sport, and create a desire to give back to the triathlon community.


Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Jeff’s first passion in endurance sports was running. Though he ran in high school and college, he didn’t get back into endurance sports until age 35 when he decided it was time to lose the weight and get healthy. Jeff focused on running / road racing for many years, but transitioned to triathlon in 2007.  With over 65 races in 9 years, he has raced all distances from Sprint to Ironman. In 2009, Jeff began focusing on long-course racing competing in many Half and Ironman distance races.  Jeff’s passion is to work with motivated and goal-oriented athletes who are trying to manage families and challenging careers.  

Jeff lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife, Mary Beth. He has two children: Kristin, a recent college graduate who works and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and Boone who is in school at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Jeff Skils

Jeff’s Fee Schedule

Performance Coaching Package

The Performance Coaching Package is designed for the busy and goal-oriented athlete who is looking for a higher level of communication, accountability, and responsiveness around their performance goals. This package is best for the career and family-oriented athlete who sees a greater value in feedback from a coach, assistance with race preparation and planning, detailed analysis of their workouts, and ongoing adjustments in training schedules made by the coach. 

Performance Package Details:

  • Training Peaks Premium Account
  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) built around your entire season
  • Customized Training Plan Built around Goals Races (built weekly w/ unlimited changes to the training schedule made by coach) 
  • Workout Files Reviewed Daily w/ Feedback on All Key Workouts
  • UNLIMITED Scheduled Contact with Coach (to include phone calls, Skype, Face time, etc.)
  • UNLIMITED e-mail & text messaging w/ Coach (12-24 hour response)
  • Race Planning & Post Race Feedback
  • Basic Nutritional Guidance for Training & Racing

Pricing: $250 per month w/ $175 initial startup fee


Essential Coaching Package

The Essential Coaching Package is designed for the motivated or experienced athlete who needs a customized training plan, but doesn’t require a lot of communication or adjustments to their training schedule. This plan may also be a great entry point for the athlete new to coaching, or the seasoned athlete who needs a personalized training plan built around their goal races with occasional feedback, analysis, and communication.  

Essential Package Details:

  • Training Peaks Premium Account
  • Customized Training Plan Built around Goals Races (schedule will be completed on a monthly basis. Any changes to the training schedule once completed by the coach will be the athlete’s responsibility)
  • Workout Files Reviewed Weekly/ Weekly Feedback As Needed 
  • E-mail Contact with Coach (limited to 1-2 per week/ 48 hour response)
  • Occasional Athlete-Initiated Scheduled Phone Calls with Coach 

Pricing:  $210 per month w/ $175 initial startup fee