Bike Fit:

The fit is the most important thing, because this is how you operate the bike. Bike Fit sessions will keep you from over using certain areas of your body. Bike Fit helps you as a cyclist learn:

  • Proper bicycle adjustments
  • Proper cycling mechanics and form
  • Making the bicycle an extension of yourself

Cycling Skills Development:

You will receive one-on-one time with the coach to go over your biking technique, and be coached in a variety of settings from a parking lot to a full road ride. With the proper cycling skills, you will become a more efficient cyclist yielding faster times while remaining safe. Skills development will include:

  • Being more comfortable on the bike
  • Riding one handed
  • Drinking while riding
  • Eating gels on the go
  • Various technical drills
  • Riding between cones
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Proper turning technique
  • High speed
  • Body position