Steve Wens

USAT Triathlon certified coach

Steve Wens

USAC Cycling Coach
Certified Sports Nutrition
Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist


Coaching Mission: Steve’s focus is to help athletes achieve their best performances at key races by preparing them for the physical, mental and nutritional challenges of triathlon racing through a fully customized training routine, designed to fit around the athlete’s individual schedule.

Steve’s Fee Schedule

Option A: Real Coaching with Real Results.

My coaching approach uses proven techniques to achieve goals: Personal – Tailored to you – Flexible

Creating training plans is the easy part. Developing plans and have them evolve around your schedule and progress is key to your success, whether it is an Ironman race or a local Century Ride. You can find a plan for anything. The trick is making one that will work for you, so that you can stick to it. I will work with you on how to schedule workouts based on your life style and priorities. I help you find bottlenecks and constraints that are holding you back. I help you making effective use of your time.

Unlike any other triathlon, duathlon or running coaching program, I focus on making sports and a healthy lifestyle an essential part your life. After many years of coaching and training, I’ve found that training isn’t the problem. It’s figuring out how to get the barriers out of the way to let you train effectively, and make training enjoyable.

I get you to your endurance goal. I am not just a web site that you bought a ‘one size fits all’ plan from. I will be your personal guide to help you carry the load until you that goal.

Regular Testing – I do an initial round of tests so we can see where to start. I retest periodically so you can see your improvements and adjust the plan

Nutrition – Fueling your workouts and races right is the discipline that is too often neglected. Getting lean for optimal performance is also incredibly important. I see nutrition as the platform for all activities, so special consideration is taken about doing it right. We discuss nutrition elements and nutrition timing. If one of your goals is to get lean along with getting faster, you are in the right place.

I will teach you how to work out like a pro: By going a certain effort level for a given amount of time. This makes your workouts extremely portable and great for people that travel or deal with varying terrains, winds, and elevations. Your end goal is to hit your target workouts per week at the given effort levels in your plan. It couldn’t be more simple.

Communication – This is the most critical part of the coaching. We go over your training log together, looking for ways to make everything work better. I can find things you miss, making your time spent far more valuable. Unlimited communication by email, Skype, and phone is part of the services provided.

Pricing – $120 or €100 a month, $1200 or €1000 a year, an incredible investment in yourself.

Option B: Training Plan Assessment

You provide the training plan; I make it work for you

Weekly reviews and corrections of YOUR training – So you’ve got a schedule and training plan you like, but you just need some help. I tell you what you are doing right, what needs adjustment, and more. All through reviewing your workouts every week.

I help you correct or adjust your premade plan for unplanned sickness, vacations, more than just one race.

Thorough analysis of your training logs – I look at your logs and find the weak points. We discuss what you can fix right now to make huge gains in your performance.

Pricing is $60 or €50 a month, a great way to get in on top-level coaching for a fantastic price.

Option C: Metabolic Efficiency Training

Reason to become more metabolically efficient:

  1. Decrease/eliminate risk of gastrointestinal (GI) distress. Prevalent in 30-50% of marathon runners, and probably more in IM athletes.
  2. Improve nutrient partitioning for energy use – train your body to burn more fat during exercise and racing. Learn to tap into the 50,000 Kcal of fuel storage you have in body fat, instead of depleting the 2000 kcal of glycogen reserves quickly.
  3. Improve body weight and composition. Improve satiety, reduce cravings, control blood sugar (hormonal stability)
  4. Improve health markers and risk of chronic disease states. Improved lipid profile, improved memory, better sleep, controlled inflammation, and improved blood sugar level and insulin sensitivity

With initial testing and feeding habits review we find your current metabolic efficiency. How much carbs and/or fat do you burn at different intensity levels. Through specific training methods targeting specific zones and nutrition advise you will improve your fat burning capability. You can still keep your current coach. Your current training plan will only be adjusted for those 2 – 3 sessions per week where we will work on making you more metabolically efficient.

Pricing is $50 or €40 a month, or an additional $30 or €20 a month, if coached by me under Option A.

A 3 month minimum agreement is required for this program. This does not include the optional metabolic testing at your preferred facility at the beginning and end of the 3 month cycle.

Additional Services

One on One training (only available locally in Colorado)

My one-on-one sessions are generally one-hour meetings where I’ll teach you whatever you want to know about any triathlon-related topic to help you become a better triathlete. You can determine the topic, and it can range from a videotaped form analysis and some suggestions for technique improvements in running, biking, swimming, or transitions to having me help you set some racing goals and map out a general training plan for your season. The choice is yours!

Are you looking to improve or learn new technique – I can also help with setting you up with sport specific or triathlon certified coaches in your location.

Please contact me to set up an appointment for a one-on-one session.

Training mini-camps at High Altitude (Estes Park, CO)
Train with the coach

Tailored to thetriathlete ramping up for specific races in the Boulder area (Boulder 70.3 in June and Boulder IM in August). Plan your big day training weekends in Estes Park, where focused swim-bike-run sessions will give your race readiness a boost, while getting a plethora of tips on the go from certified coaches.

Inquire for pricing and dates.

*Termination: Practical Coaching, Inc. requires a 30-day notification to terminate monthly coaching. If your notification is received less than 30 days prior you will be responsible for the monthly coaching fee through the 30 days of receiving your notice.