About Practical Coaching

Practical Coaching offers endurance coaching to triathletes, cyclists and runners. We spend time getting to know each athlete, gathering information about their lives, families and goals in order to help us understand how to best help you reach your maximum potential. Your success is our main goal, and we are with you every step of the way to ensure that happens. We do that with personalized monthly training schedules, continuous communication and feedback, and workout specificity.

Practical Coaching offers a variety of coaching services including track workouts, one-on-one bike sessions and open-water swimming. Our coaches have national and international experience with training and racing, and are USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, USA Track & Field certified. This experience and expertise gives you all of the tools and skills – both physical and mental – necessary for you to compete at your highest level.about-us

Whether you are new to competing and are attempting to complete your first event, looking to improve your current performance level, or you are an elite athlete looking for assistance to take you to an even higher level of success, Practical Coaching has everything you need to achieve your goals.

  • Swim – Stroke analysis to improve your overall technique
  • Bike – Fit and Computrainer Sessions to get the most power out of your cycling
  • Run – Form analysis to maximize your speed and form, aiding in injury prevention

Benefits of working with Practical Coaching:
Personal attention for the goal-oriented athlete is not just a catch phrase for us. Our athletes have regular contact with their coach. Personal attention means that you will not be taking the journey of training alone. Your coach will help you navigate around unnecessary workouts and help you focus on the key elements that will make you successful.

  • Initial design of a personalized annual training plan – best done in October of year prior
  • Frequent and regular contact with coach to work on skills and sharpen your mind for competing at your highest level
  • Customized monthly training schedules
  • Constant review by coaches of logged training entries
  • Availability to answer personal training and racing questions